Best 3 Phones In India

02 March 2022

Mobile phones have changed the way we live and work with things forever. They made our life easier. Now from anywhere in the work we can work, talk videos calls, phone calls or even play games. It is very important to select the best phone that matches your requirements. Here are a few top phones that might suit your needs.

1) Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

It is released in 2020 with the latest new iteration of the iPhone series 13. They have released a total of four phones, the iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 pro, and the 13 pro max. You can select the one that suits your needs. Apple products are known to have a premium price on their back, cause their performance matches it.

This new iPhone 13 pro max which is at the top of the line of its series and the most expensive one is packed with ultimate features. It comes with a price tag of 129,000 rupees (1100$ US). It comes with a 120Hz and 6.7-inch OLED display. It has the all-new A15 Bionic chip in it ready to face the world. Coming to performance it has 6GB ram in it which might seem a bit less compared to the present world but as we know it's going to be completely optimized.

Their camera notch has been shrunk by a bit compared to previous-generation models. They come with new features like "Cinematic Mode" that can do video capture similar to the movie cameras by shifting focus on the main subject which is revolutionary. It has a 12MP front camera. The most impressive feature it has is its battery life which is 4352 mAh which might seem less but with the optimization Apple does, this phone lasts over 9 to 10 hours for an average person's use.

2) Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3

This is a phone that takes up back to our childhood when flip phones were a thing. It is a very modernized crazy feature installed phone. This phone might not be for everyone due to its aesthetics. This is a phone for tech-savvy people and enthusiasts. It has released in 2020 alongside the Samsung Fold 3 which is a foldable phone.

This phone starts with a decent price tag of 71,490 rupees (1000$ US) given that it's a flagship phone. It runs with the new Snapdragon 888 smoking hot processor. Although it comes with the Exynos variant in a few countries. It comes with a Ram of 8GB. It has a 120Hz high refresh rate screen as it's a flagship phone. Its USB-C type charing with super-fast charge.

The only weak points of this phone are its battery and its camera due to its complex shape. The battery is a 3300 mAh battery which is too low compared to other flagships out there. And its front camera is just 10MP which is a letdown but it has an under-screen punch hole kind of camera and that is kind of cool. As said above, this phone isn't for everyone.

3) OnePlus 9 Pro

It is the company that started as a tech enthusiast company. It's the company that has started as a flagship killer name. It is that company that used to make a phone with the features that users wanted. Its the company that moto is "Never Settle". It's none other than OnePlus. Its new flagship phone Oneplus 9 pro is loaded with features at a decent price. This phone is famous for making phones with premium features at a decent price.

This phone starts for 59,999 (1000$ US). This one plus 9 pro is their top-of-the-line product cause they have other models like one plus 9, 9R, and other budget models like Nord and CE. Like other flagships, it also comes with a Snapdragon 888. Its base model comes with 8GB ram and also has a variant with 12GB ram. It has a 120Hz High refresh rate, QHD+ LTPO AMOLED display. It has a USB-C with industry-leading Super fast charging.

Its got all the best features with no led downs. Its got a pretty impressive camera and a front camera of 16MP. The battery capacity is rocking 4500 mAh which must last you all day even with heavy use and 5G. So overall it is a very good product with a nice camera, battery and other specs with a decent price a told.

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