Top 5 Tablets In India

02 March 2022

As much as we use our phones, for some works it isn't comfortable. For playing competitive games like Pubg or Call of duty, it's better with an iPad or Tablet. Even for watching movies and media consumption tablets are better than laptops or Televisions due to the comfort of their usage. Selecting the perfect tablet based on your usage is also very important.

1) Apple iPad Air 2020

This is the mid-range apple tablet from Apple which is going to be perfect for most of the users. This Ipad is released in 2020. This comes with an A14 Bionic chip inside it. It has a 4GB ram ready to tackle anything you throw at it. It has a 60Hz refresh rate IPS LCD which is okayish.

This Product price starts at 49,900 rupees (600$ US) which is pretty good given its functionality. It is 10.9 inches which is a perfect size for holding even too long for gaming or work. It's got a 12MP primary camera and a 7MP front camera which is pretty decent for a tablet. It doesn't have the flash feature which its big brother iPad pro does. Overall it's the best tablet for students and gamers with a decent budget.

2) Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

If Apple isn't something that you are looking for, then don't worry! we got you covered. Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets are one of the most powerful Android tablets. It comes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor which is the latest right now. It's got 8GB Ram. It comes with a 120Hz High refresh rate LCD. It's released in 2022.

Its price starts at 58,999 rupees (699$ US) which is similar to Apple iPad Air pricing. It's got an 11-inch display perfect for streaming and gaming. It has 13+6MP Primary and 12 MP camera again as said decent for a tablet. It has a USB-C port with fast charging. And it also has a giant 8000 mAh battery. Over its the best average budget Android tablet for gaming and productivity.

3) Apple iPad Pro 2021

If money isn't a problem and all you are looking for is an absolute beast with hardcore raw performance then Apple's 2021 iPad Pro their top-of-the-line tablet is the best choice for you. It's a Beast when it comes to performance cause its equipped with the "M1" chip which is straight out of the M1 Mac. It's got a 120Hz high refresh rate with an XDR display depending upon the variant you were going with.

Its price starts from 72,000 rupees (800$ US) for the base model. Its base variant starts with 8GB ram and also has a 16GB Variant with a 1TB storage Model. It comes in two sizes 11 inches and 12.9 inches. It's got a 12+10MP primary and 12MP front camera with AR which is insanely superior compared to other tablets. It also got USB-C fast charging and a very huge battery.

4) Nokia T20

If you are looking for a budget tablet with decent specs and features then Nokia T20 is for you. It's got their Unisoc T610 chip. It's 10.4 IPS LCD inches which is enough. It's got LED Flash just in case. It has an 8MP primary and 5MP front camera which is enough for a budget tablet or even a tablet.

Its price starts at just 14,999 rupees which are super affordable with these specs. It's got 3GB which is good keeping its price in the mind. It has also got a big battery of 8200 mAh with fast charging feature which is super useful. So overall keeping its price in mind it's a good tablet.

5) Apple iPad 10.2

For anyone looking for a budget Apple tablet or looking to enter the Apple ecosystem than Apple's base tablet, iPad 10.2 is perfect for you. It's got an A10 Fusion chip inside. It doesn't have any flash feature. It has an 8MP primary and 1.2MP front camera which is okay since we use the cameras on tablets rarely anyway. It's got a 10.2 Inches IPS LCD which is a perfect size cause it's not too big or too small.

Its price starts from 29,000 rupees (329$ US). Its got a 3GB ram inside which is more powerful than other tablets with 3GB ram cause of Apple's insane godlike optimization. It's got a pretty big battery of 8827 mAh but doesn't support any quick charging. Overall this is the best tablet for kids or just streaming and for little gaming and a nice entry point to Apple's ecosystem.

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